Working Massachusetts:
Working for You

Working Massachusetts is a coalition of labor organizations representing thousands of public service workers across Massachusetts. Our goal is to share with you the stories about the countless ways our members help the residents of Massachusetts every day. 

Presently made up of 17 public sector labor groups and growing, Working Massachusetts wants to show you the important role that public services and the workers who provide them play in all our lives. The people Working Massachusetts represents work in a wide variety of jobs -- health care, public safety, state and municipal government, education, and more -- and they all contribute immensely to our communities. Working Massachusetts wants to ensure that the public understands these contributions, values the people who make them, and supports public policy that helps our members keep delivering the services that improve life for all of us. Interested in affiliating with Working Massachusetts? Please contact James Redmond at or (617) 376-0220.

Top Stories

Public Employee Healthcare Lobby Day

Thursday April 2nd, 9:30am

Gardner Auditorium in the State House

Boston, MA

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Public Retirees

Public retirees speak about what their service meant to them.

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