Public sector employees deserve respect, dignity, and support for their contributions to our communities. But if you're a public sector employee, or you know and support them, how do you show people the truth about how much public services matter? Here are some things you can do to change the way people feel about public service:

  • Talk to your friends and neighbors. People are more likely to understand and respect public service when they can connect it to people they already know, like, and trust. When you hear friends and neighbors repeat distorted messages from the pundits who hate public service, gently remind them that you provide public service, too, and that you’re not one of the ‘bad guys.’ Talk about the ways that regular people’s lives are better because you do your job. 
  • Speak up when local media gets the story wrong. If you see a newspaper article in your town, or a story on a TV station’s website, that gets the story about public sector employees wrong, speak up. Write a letter to the editor or make a comment on the website comments thread. Be polite, follow the paper or station policy, and try not to blame the reporters (sometimes they can be new to the subject matter, get bad sources, or lose parts of a story to editing)—but set the record straight. (Always make sure you follow your employer’s policy on public comments. You may not be able to speak for your employer, but you probably can speak as a private citizen with experience as a public sector employee.)
  • Use resources like Working We’re always on the lookout for stories, research and information supporting public services and the people who provide them. We’ll share stories, tips, facts and more, so visit our website. 
  • Send us stories! Do you know about a great story demonstrating how vital public services are to us in Massachusetts? Did you or someone in your union go above and beyond the call of duty to help someone in need, solve a problem or improve the delivery of an important service? Do you and your fellow union members donate your time, effort and skill in your community? We want to know! Go to  to tell us your story.
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