Public Employee Healthcare Lobby Day

Thursday April 2nd, 9:30am

Gardner Auditorium in the State House

Boston, MA

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Public Retirees

Public retirees speak about what their service meant to them.

Encouraging students to read.

The MTA and Red Sox pitcher Craig Breslow partnered to show students the importance of reading

Privatization is no good

Read about some privatization plans that cost taxpayers.

Angela Cristiani on the Mara Dolan Show WCAP

Co-Chair Angela Cristiani interviewed

Angela was interviewed on the Mara Dolan Show on WCAP, take a listen.

Letter to the Editor

A public professional responds to the paper.

Working Massachusetts on WCAP

Theresa McGoldrick of NAGE was interviewed on the Mara Dolan Show on WCAP. She spoke about Working Massachusetts, the issues facing public professionals, and the hard work they do for their communities.

Every Day

Every Day

Every day public professionals are working for their communities.

Public Professionals

Public Professionals

Working hard for their communities all across the state

One remarkable day: Watertown residents, first responders tell their stories

Two Watertown residents and three of Watertown’s first responders sat down with Working Massachusetts to give us a glimpse into real life on April 19, 2013, from the early morning firefight with the alleged Boston Marathon bombers through the day-long hunt for the suspect who escaped.

Residents and first responders alike were grateful for the extraordinary level of mutual cooperation and respect they shared. They not only lived through a remarkable event, but discovered that they really were all in it together. 

The residents:

  • Christine Stepanian and Theresa McGoldrick, both of whom raise their children in Watertown. Both live in the zone that was subject to an intensive door-to-door search for Dzokhar Tsarnaev.

The first responders:

  • John MacLellan, a veteran police sergeant who was the second officer on the scene during the traffic stop involving the Tsarnaevs, the traffic stop that turned into a firefight.
  • Pat Menton and Jim Caruso, EMTs with the Watertown Fire Department. They responded to the traffic stop and saved the life of Dick Donahue, the MBTA officer who had been shot and badly wounded during the firefight
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